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Depth - Cuba Cuba - Where Else Is Safe But The Road?

7 thoughts on “ Depth - Cuba Cuba - Where Else Is Safe But The Road?

  1. Oct 22,  · Road safety. Motor vehicles accidents are now the leading cause of accidental death in Cuba. Road conditions and road safety can vary greatly throughout the country. The principal east–west highways are in fair condition but lack sufficient lighting. Most secondary streets and roads are poorly lit and inadequately maintained.
  2. Jul 29, Rating: Cuba Is Safe But. by: Alice I agree with Vic. Cuba is safer than than most Central and Latin American countries. Compared to Kingston Jamaica or Santa Domingo Dominican Republic for example where rapes, murders and drug smuggling is rife part of everyday life, Cuba .
  3. No big deal. Crime is mostly the same but there are always exceptions of course, so don't make the mistake of blindly jumping on the "Cuba Is So Safe" bandwagon to the point where you're being stupid. Sadly, due also to fast-growing tourism, it's not as safe as it used to be. 1. Violent Crime-Still (almost) unheard of - against tourists, that is.
  4. If you have been safe in DF, and I assume a good area, then Havana and Cuba will not challenge you. However, the same characteristics apply - the poor and desparate, and increasingly in Cuba young "gangs" have contirbuted to where safety in Cuba is a valid concern (where is was one of the "safest cities in the world" a relatively few years ago.
  5. I am just about to embark on my third visit to Cuba and while some of the places I've visited initially evoke feelings of apprehension these fears are soon dispelled as you quickly realise that the people cannot be compared with other areas of the world.. What would be a definite 'no-go' area in the UK or Canada is instead just a typical Cuban street filled with friendly and warm people.
  6. From a medical point of view, Cuba is generally safe as long as you're reasonably careful about what you eat and drink. The most common travel-related diseases, such as dysentery and hepatitis, are acquired by the consumption of contaminated food and water. Mosquito-borne illnesses are not a.
  7. Due to the nature of Cuba’s government, there are a few more ominous safety issues that travelers should be aware of. Boating accidents among tourists are common, because the waters near Havana are choppy and tricky to maneuver through, and it is very difficult to get proper boat repairs in Cuba.

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